Why Can't I Be A Psychonaut?

Oh Yeah, I Have No Psychic Powers. >_< Damnit!!

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I'm a recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University, and currently applying to grad college. I own a cat named Tibault, who is my bodyguard as well as my personal 13 lb. monster.

If I really wanted to be cheeky, I'd tell you I like long walks on the beach and dinners by candle-light. The former is true, the latter is not. I love to read; I'm currently obsessed with Neil Gaiman (American Gods, Neverwhere, Mirrormask, Stardust, and co-author of Good Omens, mentioned further down), but I do like to read some things by the following authors: Anne Rice (lol vamps), Stephen King (including everything ever written by Richard Bachman, lol pen-names), Clive Barker (Abarat series, I <3 U!), Terry Pratchett (who co-wrote Good Omens, which everybody needs to read immediately; go hassle your local librarian for a copy), JK Rowling (duh, it's called the Harry Potter phenomenon, join the ride), Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl series for the win!), Edwidge Danticat (love love love love her short stories), and Agatha Christie (Fair warnging: in my opinion, anybody who can read about Marple and Poirot and then turn around and say they didn't enjoy the story can sit, spin, and die, right now, plzkthxbye).

I enjoy putting in extra comments with parenthesis when I'm excited, tired, stressed, or in rant mode (which usually is the sum of the three former reasons manifested into my fingers flying across the keyboard in a stream of thought type of situation).

I usually only post to my journal when in rant mode. I am good about keeping anything longer than three small paragraphs hidden behind a cut. I don't usually like to link videos from YouTube (although I watch stuff from there all the time) or from Veoh (which is my new internet video bitch, since I found all the episodes of an anime I thought I had lost to follow up two months ago there, in the original Japanese with English subtitles.

I love anime and manga. I am also picky about how I like my anime. In all seriousness, I like it subtitled with the original language track playing. I love manga because I love to read above all else, and when I was young I loved the funny pages (though I never collected comic books; my mom thought it was something boys do, so I wasn't allowed to, since I was her lovely little girl...*puke vomit regurgitate*), so collecting manga is something I do as well. Since I can't read kanji or kana, I get it in English. I'm currently collecting several long-running series, all of which have anime equivalents that somehow did not match up to the manga and are therefore, in my opinion, inferior to the original work (whoo, from somewhat opinionated to completely snobbish in under a minute; that's a personal record ^_~). From time to time, I realize I have accumulated too much and need to purge the stacks, which is why I had an Amazon account to sell it off, but now I'm thinking I want to sell my collections out as collections, so I may be opening an eBay store soon so that I can get some extra cash (to buy more manga and anime).

As for my internet name: Radical in honor of Radical Edward from Cowboy Bebop, Archer because I'm a Sagittarius.

Anyway, that is my bio rant. Much love, and I'll talk with all of you soon enough.